Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why the kids on "Toddlers and Tiara's" have it coming.

To some people, this might sound a little harsh. I understand, I used to be of the same school of thought (my comma button is broke, but not there, what the fudge? Why can't I put one at the beginning of this tangent?) that those poor little girls (and sometimes little boys) were being pimped by their parents for attention and "glory".

I sat and watched and wondered how NO ONE from the Department of Social Services had never seen/heard of this show. Why had these kids not been taken from their unstable, abusive parents. They SPRAY TAN their babies and wax the eyebrows of 4 year olds!!! I didn't get my eyebrows waxed until I was like 15 (I'm now 23 and I still break into a cold sweat when I sit down in the chair, take of my glasses, and brace to have the hair ripped by the roots out of my FACE).

They force children to sit FOR HOURS ( as sedentary as I am now, I'm pretty sure if I sat still as a child for more than five minutes, the world would have imploded and I took the worlds safety VERY seriously) in a stuffy stale hotel room breathing in hairspray toxins, while they have extensions sown into their heads and have their make up caked on and eyelashes glued in place. Then they're expected not to move for another hour or 12 while they wait to go on stage and walk like they don't have any joints (because they don't anymore! They've sat still so long they've atrophied).

And I thought all this and wondered how anyone could do this to a poor innocent child, a child who hadn't been on this plant long enough to doing anything horrible enough to be punished this way. That was, until I turned on TLC an hour early and watched "One Born Every Minute" a show about women giving birth.

The horrors, THE HORROS, I miss the days I had trouble falling asleep because of imaginary would be murderers. This is real, this is real what these children did to their mothers.

They ripped their mothers to shreds, SHREDS ripped them apart from the inside out, and the gore, so much gore, they look like little shriveled demons slithering around on their mother's chest.

And this is after hours of causing their mothers EXCRUCIATING pain.

I get it, I totally get it now, it's payback. It's payback and I approve.