Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Canadian Spy in our Pop Culture midst

Henry Winkler aka "The Fonz" aka "Fonzie" aka "Arthur Herbert Fonzarellie"  is a Canadian spy. Seriuosly, why does anyone need that many aliases unless it's because they are a spy. Aye?

He's an older man with a dubious past (all he ever really says is that his parents abanoned him at from 6 to what like 45 he was on his own? smart kid.) that has tried to integrate himself into the community by shrouding himself in american stereotypes and iconography (15 point word!). He exclusively wears blue jeans, white t-shirts, and a leather jacket? Really? Seen to many 50's movies Fonz?

Also he only own's motorcycles. Easy get away? Good for maneuvering through alleyways and losing those pesky counter-espionage agents that have been tailing him. And he's careful not to ride foreign bikes, all american made.

Also have you noticed that he has a weird accent like he's trying to cover his real one up? But he can't stop himself from adding "aye" to the end of everything.  I mean seriously, that biggest problem with his is cover up is his catch phrase "Aye".

Also his office is in a bathroom in a burger joint. SKETCH BALL. Also ALSO, he only makes phone calls from a payphone and keeps all his phone numbers on a bathroom wall, plausible denialbility?

I'm on to you Fonz, I'm on to you. 

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