Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have babbler's block. While I enjoy stacking blocks and knocking them down, I believe when someone has writer (babbler's) block, it's only one block. I'm not sure of the size of the block, can you have a little babbler's block or a big babbler's block? Does it depend on the size of the project?

If I lose my train of thought on a post-it note, is the block the size of the post-it note (but you know, 3D and cube like)? If was trying to write a novel ( I swear I'm not, the library of congress would die a little if it had to hold my train of thought) would the block be the size of  a milk crate? Can I sell it to a frat house as a chair for $10?

If I was trying to draft a piece of important legislation, what would it look like? Would it be blue or red? Hopefully it would be red, WHITE, and blue, but maybe it's polka dotted or animal print (it would make since if it was an environmental/animal rights piece of legislation). Hey, Shrek's on!

If you're writing a screen play, is it a virtual block? Can you even touch it?

If someone was writing a new novel that would last the age's, something prolific, something that captures and captivates the human spirit, like Snooki's book "Sure Thing" (BAHAHAHHAHAHHA, just kidding, the library of congress cried for a month when they found out about that one) would the block be big enough to block out the sun? (This is different from just a normal novel, while fantastic, not everything written is as important as something else).

If a bunch of people with blocks got together, could you build things? Or if you're a loner, could use it to balance a table? As a paper weight?

Here's my last question that is either really really smart and I'm proud of myself, or is so dumb I made the cast of "Jersey Shore" ( man i'm all about the "Jersey shore" reference today, maybe the TV has rotted my brain and that's why I can't accomplish anything) shake their heads in disappointment.

Can you write on a Writer's (babbler's) block?

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