Saturday, February 5, 2011

Corn Car

Watch out punch bug, the new passive aggressive car spotting game on the scene is called "Corn Car".

While driving, the occupants of the car search roads and byways for yellow 'corn colored' cars. The first person to spot a yellow car is awarded the honor of punching another occupant in the arm. This process can be repeated as often as a yellow car is spotted. It's very similar to punch bug, but it allows all cars the opportunity of causing pain.

There are stipulations that apply to this game.

Official DOT  ( Department of Transportation)  maintenance vehicles do not count and are off limits. Also, yellow cars parked in car lots.

The car must be 2/3 or more the same shade of yellow.

The puncher may not cause permanent damage to the punchee and should not put the occupants of the car in danger by making the driver lose control of the car, or lose her focus on driving by trying to hit the hitter back because she didn't know they were playing and is sick of being hit in the arm. IT FLIPPIN HURTS SAM.

Variations on this game include:

  • Cop bop, see a cop give someone a bop (you probably would not want to use your hit on the cop as this is illegal and you will wind up in jail).

  • Cruiser Bruiser- Give someone a bruise when you see a PT cruiser (this one may see to it that you are asked to always drive separately as most people don't like being bruised.)

  • Crash Bash- Bash someone when you see a car that's obviously been in a crash. ( maybe not actually bash, because that could be a misdemeanor).

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