Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cone Head

Made an emergency room visit around 1:30 am last night ( I consider it last night not this morning, because I still hadn't gone to sleep and the world revolves around my schedule therefor it was still last night).

 Riki, the neighbor who revoked  my Netflix privileges' (now referred to as Next Door Neighbor, proper name so it's ok, to capitalize) cat, had a large scary lump on her throat. Up Stairs Neighbor discovered it while she was giving the cat a good night pet at around 1 am. The lump was much larger than a marble, not normal.

We should have known something was wrong immediately when the cat let herself by picked up and petted, she's only affectionate when she's hungry (the cat, not Up Stairs Neighbor.......although, come to think of it......), and her bowl was full of food.

We spent about an hour debating if we should go to the vet (when we called they were kind of distracted, I think they we're checking their bank account while deciding if we should come in or not). We Goggled (google!) "Large scary lump on cat" and "large possible cyst on cat" and "what the crap is on that cat (my suggestion!)" but that didn't really help.  Although, there's a lens cleaner out there that makes me uncomfortable.

So we packed up Rika the Cat, and went to the 24 hour emergency vet, braving the iced covered roads and whiteout blizzard conditions, maybe even a wolf or two that could sense the wounded prey in her carrier (flurries, a little wind, and what may have been a squirrel).

So Rika gets, admitted and we sit the waiting room. Next Door Neighbor pacing and me going cross eyed from watching the fish in the curved aquarium.  Little known fact, at least to me, when you put salt water in a curved tank, your eyes can't focus on jack squat and you end up looking stumbling drunk when the vet comes in and you try to stand up to greet her.

Rika had to have an abscess cleaned, the weirdest the vet said she'd ever seen (reassuring). To clean the area  had to shave Rika's chest, I wanted to ask how many ways that could be done, but it didn't seem appropriate (really, something shiny caught my eye and I got distracted) so they could lance the sore (EWWWW, cough, gag).

They also had to put a big white cone around her head so she wouldn't mess with her stitch (math lesson- one cat stitch =100 people stitches, math by the school of hyperbole). Here I wanted to make Cone Head jokes but it was like 3:30 in the morning and I had stopped making cohesive sounds, I may have just ended up muttering about Dan Aykroyd.

The operation was succesful and we returned home after a quick stop at walmart to buy her a new litter box and food bowl.Rika is home and pissed now, she can't figure out why that flippin cone is stuck on her and why she has to stay in the bathroom (Next Door Neighbor has another cat, and the vet said to keep them separated for a couple days). She also dosen't appreciate my well thought out and well rested Conehead jokes.

*Picture forth coming*

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