Monday, February 21, 2011

Executive Decision

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is now spring. I don't care that it is February and the forecast is calling for possible snow later in the week, it is now spring. I will be wearing T-shirts (under heavily lined jackets) and flip flops (around the apartment with the heat on) and no one can stop me.

I will be planting my spring flowers (I colored a picture and taped it above a vase) soon and will begin cultivating my summer vegetables ( I'll buy a tomato at Harris Teeter and pretend it's home grown, most vegetables stay in my refrigerator long enough that they start growing other plants and instead of deciding I'm a lazy individually I have decided I'm an urban farmer).

O how I've missed the the beautiful cheerful chirping of birds in the morning (Why don't they just STAY south?! Why go back and forth? I mean they can stay if they can be quiet in the morning then they are MORE than welcome to my tree. Other wise I'm gonna start quacking at them at 11 o'clock at night and see how they like it.)

This post is a little (A LOT) late because I spent the vast majority of the afternoon sun worshiping in the park (I watched a National Geographic documentary on the Virgin Islands, while wrapped up in a blanket, praying the base board heaters would HEAT, on my couch).

My skin is absolutely glowing from a slight early spring tan and I can already  feel the vitamin D lifting my spirits (glowing from spiked Sunny-D)

Well, I must be off, the neighbors and I are planning a late evening cookout and I must light the bug-repellent Tiki Torches ( It's already dark so I have to turn on every light in the house, look for extra blankets and stick the frozen meals in the microwave to heat up).

Happy Spring ( I hate this place).

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  1. happy spring i love flowers painted and veggies growing in the refrige