Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stupid Small Cars in Parking Spaces

You are a jerk. I don't like you and your tiny automobile that you hid in a full parking lot behind a slightly larger car. That's sick you know that, right? Don't make me all excited that I found a spot, and have already started to turn, when I come bumper to bumper with your stupid little mushroom car.  Sometimes you even make me speed up a little so I can snag AN ALREADY TAKEN SPOT before someone else gets there. Then I'm embarrassed and people think I'm drunk driving. I am not. It's all your fault.

I would like to petition for a law that says if you drive a clown car you MUST park at the outside edge of the space. Stop toying with my emotions. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, I'm feed up, I'm just gonna start parking in the space behind you. Take that. I don't care if I stick halfway out the spot. If you're not gonna use the whole space I'll use the part that's left, hope you don't have to go anywhere.

Ok, I'm not going to do that, mostly because getting towed is even worse and if I was going to get towed for a parking space, I would just go ahead and drive into the place I was trying to go to.

And, random point, this is America (pronounced in a hick like accent (MER-KA-UH) since when did we start buying appropriately sized vehicles? How else are we supposed to display dominance and superiority on the road? Really, your answer is "when gas started being $3 a gallon"? PISHHHHHHHHHHH, the America (MER-KA-UH!) I know and love would put it on a credit card and worry about it later. PRIORITIES PEOPLE! How are you going to compete up with the Jones if they can't see your big honking shiny new gas guzzler?

What will the rest of world think of us when start showing responsibility for the environment, we're just asking to be mocked and taken advantage of.

And all this could have been avoided if those petite little hot wheels cars would just park at the back of the spot!!!