Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So part of the scary big brother computer thing is that I can see what devices people use to access my blog (seriously there has to be a better word than blog, the word "blog" just sounds stupid. Like a big gooey mass or that 1958 movie "The Blob" with the big gooey mass that ate a whole town and I don't want my words to destroy a whole town (watch it or you're not a real person,harsh but it's a classic and shame on you if you haven't seen, or if you have "that's cool").

Any who, my stats break down like this (I made a really cool pie graph, but blogger (big gooey masser) likes to mess up my plans):

40% Use Windows

20% Use Macintosh

15%  Use BlackBerrys ( If this was a pie chart it would be blackberry, don't get me wrong Apple (hehe) is good, but I'm in the mood to stain my teeth)

10% Use  iPhones (oooooo, blackberry pancakes at  IHOP! I haven't had dinner yet. Also, look how fancy my readers are, you go guys!)

5% Use iPad (WOW, show off, you guys think you're just so special don't you, you just think you're so much better than the rest of us (yes that's jealousy))

4% Use a crystal ball (I wonder if they're reading today's post or tomorrows?)

1% Are reading over someone else's shoulder ( Dude, that's so freaking annoying, write down the site and read it on your own computer "")

5% Are laying on the floor while someone reads it to them ( hey, when you're reading it, do you automatically make the necessary grammatical changes or do you read it the way it's written?).

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