Friday, February 11, 2011

Nicolas Cage

"What are you doing Nicolas Cage?"  "What are you doing  predicting the weather (Weatherman)  and you know you're not a demon chaser from hell (Ghost Rider).

I cannot believe Nicolas Cage is anyone other than Nicolas Cage, when I watch a movie or a TV show and I refer to the people on the screen by their character's names, they are doing a good job. I can only think the whole time I'm watching Nicolas Cage on screen is "What are you doing Nicolas Cage?".

I alway say this in a tone kind of like the tone you use when you talk to a young toddler you've caught doing something wrong, wrong enough that you have to correct them but funny enough that you aren't mad. And you always ask them what they're doing even though you know they can't respond, you just can't stop yourself.

Why are you following clues left by our forefathers Nicolas Cage?

Why are you going to marry Peggy Sue, then ruin her life Nicolas Cage?

Why are you stealing and raising a baby Nicolas Cage?

Why are you time traveling and raising a family Nicolas Cage?

Nicolas Cage, why don't you go take a nap pumpkin? 

He's made movies I like, but despite of him not because of him, they're movies I'm glad were made but they would have been better with someone else playing his roles(take note Hollywood, I'm available for all big decisions). Also, Nicolas Cage, just killed my will to write. For about two hours. Or several sentences. Ok I can write ( I don't think what I do can be called writing, I think that's an insult to real writers, what I do is type my babling, I babel, that's what I'll call it) again.

I've apparently seen way to many Nicolas Cage movies, for disliking his acting so much. I like him as a person (and I know this because he can't act therefore I have to believe the way he is on screen is also the way he is off screen, just in different clothes, which is what distinguishes his characters between movies).

He wouldn't be my best friend, or anyone who I would go out of my way to hang out with, but he's a good filler. I wouldn't got go somewhere because he was going to be there. I would exchange pleasantries with him in passing, but he probably wouldn't get invited specifically by me to my birthday party (10 months and counting).

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