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Sisterly Love 
February 24, 2011

This is a post from my sister, my comments are in parenthesis 
I just got a job! In fact, I just got two jobs! Both of which include pants and real meals (that's right rub it in). One of which I know nothing about and must immediately begin researching for since deadlines are soon approaching. I have three midterms, a quiz, an exam, and a module due within a one week period on top of my standard work load. My friends are coming up for the weekend. I must sleep. I must eat. And then my favorite sister(I'm her only sister, so it's a pretty big honor) asks me to guest write for her hilarious and random blog (She added that of her own free will, no blackmail envoloving a certain childhood incident or anything). But I can do it. I'm superwoman. Aren't all women? Then I visit her blog to catch up on her posts, even though I should be studying the 130 terms , in my Environmental Ethics midterm, only to find out two of them are about her extended case of writers block.

You can imagine my reaction as I thought she wanted my talent to appear on her blog. I was under the impression she liked my writing. Thought I was good. Wanted to showcase it, even. Nope. Wrong. She was stumped and needed someone else to fill the void (hehehe). Thanks, sister. Your support is overwhelming. I guess there is a reason you're my favorite sister, other than the fact you're my only sister (aaww shucks).

Well, I have now fallen even farther behind as I was just reminded of yet another assignment due. Let me grab ANOTHER cup of coffee and push through. Sleep is overrated. Maybe my stark sarcasm has inspired something better than a hate note to Old Navy and their unimaginative marketing schemes. I often find inspiration outside of my room and away from the television. Sister, maybe we should go for a hike. Or better still, skiing. You'd love it.(MEAN, see THIS LINK on why that was so mean)