Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why Hello,

Why hello, rogue chunk of hair, we meet again. It seems like it was only last week you wouldn't blend in with the other hairs and behave as you have been painstakingly taught. As a matter of fact, it shows in your file that it was last week.

You have been trained since an early age to behave, you know what happens to hair that disobeys, that's right, you stand up Alfa like in the air, proud and smug while I end up cranky and frustrated .

Today nether heat nor cold, nor threat by scissor, could make you get back in line. What caused this sudden and unexpected rebellion? You were fine last night when I last saw you before bed, was it all an act? A clever rouse to get my guard down?

Have I not been good to you? Was the constant enriching conditioning to much for you? Or not enough? Was it that I spoiled you with my sacrifices of letting you air dry instead of drying you out and making you brittle with a blow drier?

Are you mad because I haven't died you in over three months? Do you not like "the natural" look? I can change, if you'll spot me $60.

Are you mocking me for using to many exclamation points in my writing? Because sometimes I get lazy and instead of showing enthusiasm through vocabulary ad beautiful verse, I use punctuation, it's my fundamental right as a babbler.And I like the way they look on the screen, as long as they're not coupled with all caps and/or bold it makes a page look happy (other wise it's loud and mean and I don't want to read it).

I promise to cut back on exclamation points if you promise to lay back down, I'll even let you do it in privacy,  while I sleep. I will also cut back on side notes in parenthesis as I would hate to see what you would do to show your displeasure that literary device.


  1. hey babbler you are so right on this one. he he

  2. hahahahahahha you are so right


  4. Excellent post! Beautiful description. Now that's some talent and imagination. Good creativity..

    Very nice blog! Keep writing! :)