Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hibernating Hippies

O how I've missed the smell of the smell of dreads, the swish of multi-layered "thrift store(designer dresses made to look like thrift store finds for the low low price of $80 each) dresses". The sight of dirty feet wrapped around bongos and shirtless anemic looking boys working their way across tight ropes, unshaved girls letting their river washed locks clump in the air.  

It's that time of year, it means spring is around the corner, the pseudo Hippies are back. The hippies that have "Coexist", "Respect your mother (with a picture of the earth)", and the ever unique "Bob Marley" bumper sticker on their 2010 Jeep Cherokees and Lexus'. Living in a college town I believe (and I have to believe this or I don't think I could go on) the number of pseudo-hippies per capita may be at it's highest quota, or so I hope. 

I'm sure this unusually the large concentration of rich hips is rare outside a retired wall-street moguls commune. Because, really? How else can someone afford to "live off the grid", but to have succeed on the grid (communes and sustainable houses are expensive! I'm all for it if you can afford it, and I do the cheap at home do your part stuff, but I can't afford solar panels for my apartment or to buy all organic (which by the way has no regulated meaning)). 

Hippies are a lot more reliable than sparrows, blue jays, or Punxsutawney Phil(it took some creative Googling to spell that), they do have the most cutting edge and high tech weather reporting gear. So with that said, HAPPY SPRING!!!!! IT'S REALLY HERE!!!!!  

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  1. Lol Paige, you should spend some time in the Kerr Scott building. You'll find a different breed there than the ones in Sanford. Those guys are actually going to save the world.