Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pregnancy typos

I've always been told that pregnant women glow, that with all the hormones in their bodies and the knowledge that they're creating a life inside their bellies it causes women to beam with beautiful flawless skin and shiny silky hair not even a Loreal commercial can fake.

I think though, having done quite a bit of research lately, that people have simply been miss typing the word "glow", and this has lent credence to an urban legend about pregnant women and their fabulous outer appearance. What they really have meant to say is that pregnant women have this certain "glower".

There are a multitude of things I find distasteful and offensive as of late and these things will certain cause me to have an unmistakable GLOWER that cannot go unnoticed.

 I GLOWER at people drinking coffee (I do not GLOW at them, I give them the evil eye and hope they can't sleep tonight from caffeine over load).

 I GLOWER at other preggos that are more pregnant than me but still have a smaller waist measurement (CELINA).

I GLOWER at my jeans that I SWEAR fit yesterday but I can't button today.

I GLOWER at people that are not pregnant.

I GLOWER at people that look at me the wrong way (YES my face is broken out and I look like I have a rare skin disease and pre-baby my skin was  the only thing I could count on to look good and YES this shirt looks like a mu mu but you can't tell my pants are unzipped and I have to wear a beband with them).

In conclusion I GLOWER I don't GLOW and I'm going to start a "Glower Awareness Campaign" to stop the proliferation of  this stupid myth. 

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