Friday, March 4, 2011

The Hippie Pollination Theory

There was a hippie on a unicycle on campus today so it's hard to focus on something else. IT WAS A HIPPIE ON A UNICYCLE.

I believe everything has it's place in the universe and serves an important purpose (except white chocolate, it's disgusting and not even real chocolate, it's a liar and a fake and it should not exist). I believe the purpose of the unwashed masses (hippies) is to bring pollen and spores from one season to the next. I think that's why they start disappearing in the fall and you don't see them again until spring.

The walk around with their un-shoed feet and collect layers and layers of germination to bring forward unto the next season. (It's also one of the reasons why I always wait until the hippies start popping up to really believe spring is on the way.)

Think about it they walk around all summer through the dirt and things being "one with nature" let it get caked everywhere, sleep all winter, wake up smoke a little pot, then go back in their caves, and come out in the rainy season when they get their feet wet and some of the seeds and what not start washing off. Give it a couple weeks a little sun and viola! SPRING!.


  1. bwahaha. u just gotta love the unwashed ones.

  2. I louvree me some white chocolate!