Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100 ways ( or like 17,a 100 would take a lot of effort) to fill your day without actually accomplishing anything

1) Turn the dryer to fluff( even though the clothes are already dried, taking them out and putting them away is a lot of effort, but if it's on fluff, it sounds like you're being productive without really moving forward.)

2) Google jobs in the area but dont apply for them because your resume is saved on a computer two hours away(of course when there are finally jobs listed, I don't have a resume to apply with)

3) Let the dog out to bark at the wind,

4) Let the dog in because it is scared of the wind

5) Let the dog out because it forgot it's scared of the wind

6) Repeat activites 3-5 500 more times

7) Apply to be on TV shows that invovle the winning or recieving of goods/cash

8) Text people with every golden nugget that pops in your mind, you're not busy, so they arn't either

9) Take a nap where you're kind of asleep but not really, so you "wake up" and don't feel anymore rested than when you layed down

10) Go to the bathroom every 30 minutes, worked in school works in life

11)Make a list that dosen't really have a reason for existing

12) Put list on site that is no longer making you money because Google is evil and is like the mafia, it takes it tribute rather you want to give it or not (I watched Goodfella's last night).

13) Stack the dishes by the Kitchen sink but don't actually get around to washing them, it would ruin all your efforts of filling your day without accomplishing anything.

14) Turn laundry back on fluff, you forgot it and it's not all warm and awesome anymore

15) See step 6 again

16) Harass people to see if they've read your lastest post

17) Eat a dinner consisting of Honey Buns and Sour Cream and Onion Chips

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