Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things I learned this weekend

DO NOT allow yourself to be photographed pregnant at a wedding. Everyone will have their hair and makeup done, be dressed to the nines, fresh off a 10 day fast, and you will have sweated off your makeup, lost control of your hair, and swelled out of your dress.

Moving while pregnant will be poignant and sad. You've spent a lot of time in that previous place, decorating it, cleaning it, making memories and it will all be packed up in a matter of hours and it will already look like someone else's place before you've even turned in the key. Yes the next place will be your babies first home and you'll be living with someone you love, but it cements in a very dramatic way that you are not your own anymore.

Wedding cake is always better than normal cake, already knew this, but pregnant while eating wedding cake is near nirvana. (especially when it's funfetti!)

There will always be that one decenting voice in birthing class and sometimes it will be you, the other women  may or may not appreciate this.

I have gained a lot of weight. Not owning a full length mirror is a really good way to avid discovering this.