Friday, July 22, 2011

Things I did (will do) this week

1) dishes X a bazillion

2) watch all of True blood (I admit to not having the most sophisticated taste, but the show makes me laugh)

3) go to  (be in a wedding) YEA KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4) have my face clawed off by a cat

5) feed said cat medicine through a medicinal dropper, continue to get face clawed off

6) suffocate boyfriend after discovering the best way for him to feel the baby kick is to press my stomach against his back (more surface area (is that a fat joke?), so his hand doesn't have to be in the right spot at the right time).

7) go to birthing class and admit I'm the only one who wants to use  drugs during delivery and am the only one not using(interested in using) a midwife or doula. I want drugs and I want a medical professional that has a MD and DR in their name.

8) cringe every two paragraphs while reading baby books because the writers feel the overwhelming need to compare pregnancy and infancy to "your" wedding and marriage (not married, no wedding, our choice). There has to be another way to explain it, get creative people.

9) blog a post about nothing so you have an answer when people ask "what did you do today?"


  1. Your posts make me laugh! If things look down right now just keep going, because they'll be up soon enough. I know some people might be all "How can you say that, you know nothing!" And I admit I don't. How was the wedding? Who's was it?

  2. it was beautiful, a close friend's