Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hey you,

Yeah I'm talkin to you, Shutterfly.

When I email your company a question about pricing, a very DETAILED question about pricing, don't just send me your freakin rate card. Respond with an actual typed response.  I can read, I can even look up the rate card on my own, the problem as I clearly stated (including the links that showed the discounted price listed on your page) was that you were advertising one price but trying to charge another.

A difference of 70 cents over the course of 50 items plus a shipping fee of $6 is a BIG difference and one I'm not comfortable paying (since there's a good chance that the difference will over draft my bank account). So when I contact you, again, about how that wasn't helpful, don't send me a pissy little email about how I'm not looking at the right page. I included the name, stock number, and a link to the page I am discussing, I even rechecked after your email to make sure something hadn't changed. IT didn't .

Having worked in sales and dealt with confused clients, I understand that it can be a LONG day when people send you questions because they're to lazy to look up the answers and you answer the same thing over and over and over again. However, sometimes, believe it or not people have legitimate concerns that need to be answered, and BOTH types of questions, any type of question EVER, deserves a well thought out and polite response.

So, take THAT.

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