Thursday, June 23, 2011

Texts from the gym

I do not enjoy the gym. I only go when someone makes me (boyfriend, cousin, friend), so when I spend an hour (half hour most days) I make my displeasure known to everyone and anyone in my address book, as texting on the elliptical or bike helps keep me from tearing my clothes and ripping out my hair in agony.

2:45 At the gym :( all the machines are full :) guess i'll just sit  around 

2:53 Machine opened up :( Maybe someone else needs it more?

2:55 On the stupid machine, why do they put mirrors in front of it? Most people go to the gym because they don't like what the see right? So why make someone look at themselves when they're sweaty red and out of breath? 

3:01 this tool bag beside me better stop trying to read my settings, jerk wad, mind your own business

3:05 "O look at me, I can go backwards.  what are you doing? Forward, ha, I can do it backwards and not
 fall off"

3:07 Please make it stop! Make it stop!

3:10 I want a milkshake. 

3:15 Hey! I did over a mile! double pre baby time but that means it'll be over soon right?

3:16 Sweating is stupid, who needs to regulate body temperature anyways?

3:23 Do you think I could pretend to sprain my ankle? Can you do that when you don't even lift you feet? 

3:27 NEED WATER, why do I never remember to bring it? 

3:30 I think I'm dying, can you die from to much exercise?

3:33 DONE!!!!!! :D :D Kind of feels good 


  1. keep going and making life worth living hehe

  2. That's really hilarious :) I seriously hate the gym too. I'm the kind of person when I work out I run a mile then go to McDonald's to celebrate. Haha!

  3. I used to do a lot of yoga and yogalates, but there arn't any affordable prenatal yoga classes in my area. The classes i used to take were lead by students on campus and I don't think any of them are trained well enough to know what's ok and not ok for me to do.