Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mine Vs. His

In the pool 

His: One hour of high intensity Olympic size laps in the pool. He does take (occasional and brief) breaks to make sure I'm not swimming across multiple lanes because it's fun to dunk under the ropes.

Mine: Dunking under ropes because it's fun. Occasionally I'll do a lazy backstroke down the lane, but mostly just float around with my ears underwater wondering if this is what the baby normally hears (but with a lot less rumbling, because my stomach is usually louder than my voice).


His: Going on a hike

Mine: Walking from the parking lot to the picnic tables (I will actually go on hikes and used to enjoy them (UNTIL  I started carrying around an extra person strapped to my stomach, he (El bambino) tends to get feisty when hiking so he starts picking on my internal organs)) (that's a lot of parenthesis, I wonder what the world record is for most correctly (and incorrectly) used parenthesis in one sentence is).

Accepting compliments-

His: Thank you.

Mine: I'll do this in example form
                    Friend's text: What are you doing?
                    Mine: Trying to be funny, it's not coming out well
                    Friend's text: Everything you write is funny
                    Mine: O, friend
                    Mine: Are you day drinking? 
                    Friend's text: It's 6:15, day drinking occurs before 5
                    Mine: So you're normal drinking
                   Friend's text: Yes

Holding on to a consistent thought process before staring a new sentence-

His: He can routinely start and finish a sentence without changing subjects inappropriately multiple times and without employing the use of superfluous parentheses.

Mine: Please read this blog as explanation.                


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