Saturday, April 2, 2011

Are You Ready to Ruuummmmmmmmmmmble?!?!?!

You better be, because if it snows ONE MORE TIME clouds I will be coming up there and we will be having a few "choice" words.

And by choice words I mean there will be a smack down the likes of which the public has NEVER seen. I see you guys sitting up there, all smug and out of reach, dressed in your chic winter grays. Feeling all safe and superior because I'd have to take a plane to reach you (I'm sure you've seen me before, up there, hanging out, I'm the one screaming bloody murder and giggling like a toddler. Remember I do sky dive, so the only thing between us and this approach to punching your crystals out is $300 and a pregnancy), but I believe you may have forgotten a less dramatic approach. A little thing I (and the rest of the English speaking world) like to call fog, yep that's right, you forgot about when you occasionally get knocked off your high horse by a front and have to spend some time on earth with the rest of us.

Keep in mind that when you have to lower yourself to our standards again, I will be waiting. Planning. Lurking in the shadows ready to TAKE YOU GUYS OUT, if it snows inappropriately one more time. April, is not the time for blizzards, snow showers, dustings, or even flurries.So cut it out. I realize that this is a transition month, so I understand that there will still be cold days, cold wind, heavy frost and really really cold rain BUT NOT snow, and/or freezing rain/drizzle.

That time has past, I know change is hard on you and you've enjoyed getting such a great work out this winter flexing your ice hard storm muscles. But it's time to move on with your annual cycle.  you have some summer favorites too don't forget. Now you get to make thunder storms!! They're so much more versatile than yucky old snow storms. Before you just got to make on thing in varying forms, you had cold and colder. NOW you get rain and lightening AND thunder. You can even take days off and have people admire your beautiful bellowing nimbuses and provide people with shade, they'll thank you and love you for it.

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