Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm still pregnant

I know there's still 12 days to my due date, but GET HIM OUT. I love my son and I want him to have the best which means having longer to incubate and gain weight, but Mommy really misses being mommy, not a kangaroo.

At this point I'm excited about getting an epidural, not because it will help relieve the pain of child birth  , but because I'll get a catheter and I won't have to spend 2/3 of my waking (and 9/10 of my sleeping) hours in the bathroom!!!! I swear our expenditures on toilet paper alone will cost almost the same as the actual delivery.

Also, I'll get to sleep on my belly and/or my back and/or my sides. IT DOESN"T MATTER! I can sleep whatever way I want (eventually and if I don't need a C-section, and it'll only be in like 10 min increments, but it'll still be on my stomach! ).

I won't be to paranoid to order a decaf pumpkin spice latte (It's the most WONderFUL time...of the yeearrr), I can drink a real one!

I won't have to wait on someone else's schedule to help me get the groceries up 4 flights of stairs (of course I'll need someone to watch the baby, but who doesn't love a baby(other than me previous to becoming with baby)!).

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