Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm gonna start a blog.

Sometimes I wake up with an idea. Most days that idea is that I need to use the bathroom, some days it's a little less visceral.

Four years ago, it was that I wanted to go to college in the mountains. Three years ago it was that I wanted to major in accounting. Two years ago it was that I wanted to jump out of a plane. One year ago it was that I wanted to major in English. Several days ago it was that I wanted to start a blog.

An anti-climatic chain of events, but one that happened. Just like all the other random ideas I've had, once it was in my head I had to go threw with it. I hope I never have the idea that I want to climb Kilmingaro or run an iron man event. All that to say, welcome, and good luck learning Paigeanesse, a langauage skill that few learn but most of have heard of.


  1. If you're going to start a blog, you should keep up. Ha.

  2. Yeah, I need more Paige in my life.

  3. What's a Kilmingaro?

  4. A Kilmingaro is like a Kilimanjaro but misspelled


  5. Thank god. My next question was going to be regarding how one would go about climbing a Kilmingaro.